CAF Donate

CAF Donate

Project title

Creating a donation tool

User researchUXUI

The challenge

CAF Donate is a tool that allows charities to have control over managing their donations. The aim of this project was to make recommendations to improve the user experience for the donors on web, mobile, and additional widgets.

Prototype used for usability tests.
Prototype used for usability tests.

My role

  • A UX team of one


  • Requirements gathering
  • Concepts
  • Prototyping
  • User research


I started by trying to understand what the current pain points of the donation process were. I did this by speaking to customer services to get a list of the major complaints and help enquires that they receive from the charities. As well as being able to hear some of the calls.


This enabled me to define the key areas that needed to be looked at. They were:

  • Payment methods - this area of the flow caused confusion
  • Validation - inconsistent error handling
  • Default status - what donation amount and frequency were selected by default
Interview highlights.
Interview highlights.

Ideation and creation

Mobile user flow diagram.
Mobile user flow diagram.

With the key issues in mind, I was able to rethink the flow of the donation process and create a prototype in Axure. I looked at the fundraising target, and moved it to the top. I also removed dropdown-lists and radio buttons and replaced them with more noticeable buttons. This enabled a larger touch point on smartphone and tablet devices.



Using the new prototype, I conducted four usability sessions with a selection of charities that had the most issues. The key outcomes were:

Gift Aid and anonymity

Making it clear that if you select Gift Aid then you cannot donate anonymously. If you select ‘Remain anonymous’ you cannot select Gift Aid. This is for HMRC audit purposes. This needs to be better explained in the copy as the reason is not immediately clear and we were assuming that the average donor will understand or already know about this.

Clearer fundraising target display

The current fundraising target pie chart takes up a lot of room on the mobile version. The use of a horizontal bar was preferred.

Have consistent branding

When the PayPal option is chosen for the payment method, the donor is taken to the PayPal website where they see CAF’s name at the top. This can be particularly jarring to donors. Have a ‘redirecting’ dialogue modal appear on the screen informing

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